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Enjoy Mount Fuji and Yamanashi Wine

Yamanashi Prefecture is located west of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The most important tourist attraction in Yamanashi Prefecture is the World Heritage "Mount Fuji". A lot of people visit the place throughout the year. As the birthplace of Japanese Wine, 80 wineries produce about 30% of the nation's wine. There's even a hotel where you can enjoy a unique wine bath with excellent views.


Features of Koshu Wine, typical from Yamanashi

Over the centuries Yamanashi Prefecture has had the perfect climate for grape growing. "Koshu Wine" is made from the original grape variety called "Koshu". It's considered the base of Yamanashi Wine. Clean and fresh, it has a refined taste that fits perfectly with Japanese cuisine, enjoying great popularity. In 2010 Koshu Wine was enrolled in the International Organization of Wine (OIV) obtaining worldwide recognition.


About Wine Taxi Tour

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    Using a taxi that covers four representative wineries of the Yamanashi Prefecture Koshu Area, you can enjoy the Wine Tour as you like. Since there are taxis every 15 minutes you can easily ride them, making it possible to visit more than just the four wineries.

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    In the four wineries of the tour you can enjoy free wine tastings. Let's find the Koshu Wine that suits you best!

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    No need to carry your purchased wine with you while you explore other wineries and surroundings, you will have it delivered to you upon your return to Isawa Onsen station. You can walk around through the day free of luggage.

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    Apart from wineries, Yamanashi is blessed with abundant nature, vineyards and hot springs, so you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and amazing experiences.

Let's GO!

Tour Guide


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    Shirayuri Winery

    Founded in 1938, this winery also won a Golden Award at a national contest. The brand name is derived from the French word L'ORIENT which means "east". This word represents the unique taste of Asian wine. Besides visiting the winery and the factory, you can also have fun packaging your own wine bottle and making your own original label.

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    Chateau Mercian

    Founded in 1877, this winery became the first wine company in Japan. Apart from wine tasting, you can also learn about the features and history of wine while enjoying grape cultivation and wine brewing (Reservation necessary. Extra fees apply)

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    Founded in 1885, this winery has received the IWC and DWWA Golden Award. A tour to vineyards, brewery, ripening chamber, cultural resources and stone built fermentation is offered (10:45, 14:00 30 min) for 500 yen per person (reservation needed). You can also enjoy a French cuisine course made with local ingredients in the French restaurant Zelkova.

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    Asaya Winery

    Founded by Amemiya Kozo in 1921, Asaya Winery is the home of Japanese Koshu Grapes. The name "Asaya"comes from a famous sommelier who was Amemiya Kozo's teacher. You can enjoy wine that is sold exclusively at the Asaya Winery.